Buying Contact Lenses for Half Price contact lenses

In an earlier article, I reviews how I purchase contact lenses online. In that article, I recommended using AC Lens to save money. I still believe this is an excellent store you should use to purchase you contact lenses. But recently, I found another site that I love, and it would be remiss of me if I did not tell you about it.

The store I found is called, and here is why I like them so much. For the vast majority of contact lens brands I looked up, they seemed to offer the lowest price, which is typically about half of the retail price. Note, this price is before any coupon codes are taken into account, but as a starting point, does appear to have among the lowest prices of any online contact lens store.

The ordering process itself is more or less the same as the process at AC Lens, and the store is well designed and easy to use.

So how do you decide which store to use? Quite frankly, you should visit both sites, apply any coupons that are available, and see which one is offering a lower price. This may take a few minutes, but believe me, that time is well-spent. That said, on the whole, I've found that if you are ordering a large quantity, tends to be the lower cost store after factoring in any promo codes that are typically available from

For smaller orders (4 boxes or less), I often find that AC Lens has the lower price. Note, however, that prices will vary depending on which brand you are purchasing, so what I'm saying here is meant to serve only as a very rough guideline. Note that the prices will further vary depending on the coupon codes that are available at any given time.

You are of course free to check prices at other online contact lens stores as well, but I should mention that when I did my price checks, other stores generally had much higher prices were not really worth considering for that reason. Coupons availability was also much more sporadic at other contact lens stores, whereas AC Lens and both tend to offer a consistent number of coupons you can rely on. I therefore only check prices at these two store, but you are of course welcome to do your own research.